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    • It’s a Madsaki, Madsaki, Madsaki, World: Or How the Apprentice Elevated the Master of Superflat

      Maybe you know him from Barnstormers, or perhaps his Please Don't Spit on the Painting Show at Widewalls; in any event, there’s not much more I can say about Madsaki that has not been written up in Juxtapoz; and similarly on Honeyee in Japanese here (except he admits to his passionate study of art…

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    • Unscrambling the Bacon: 15 years of Murakami Francis Bacon series

      When my clients started pointing out errors in my Francis Bacon listings, a disambiguation article began to emerge—for my own sake! This guide will provide a brief blueprint of the Murakami Francis Bacon series of prints. 2004 Murakami Homage to Francis Bacon 2004 Murakami Homage to Franci…

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    • The World of Mue Bon: from Thailand to Japan with <3

      I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone so passionate and articulate about art as Mue Bon. His show, System Error held at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo (from Oct 20 to Nov 4, 2017) and produced by Souled Out Studios, drew me into a world inhabited by earthbound fowl, monitor admen, disp…

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    • Could Banksy have shifted the 2017 UK Snap General Election?

      It’s not often when art and politics converge as in the short lived Banksy UK Election Souvenir Special, which began on June 4th and abruptly ended on June 6th in a swell of anti-election-rigging furor. Banksy offered a free limited edition artwork for voters who sent photo evidence of not voting …

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    • The Murakami 727 silkscreen vs the 727 offset, what’s the difference??

      Many inquisitive minds want to know, “what is the difference between the 727 silkscreen and offset prints?” A brief discussion of the various 727s appears here. This article teases out the distinctions between the 2003 727 offset and the 2016 727 silkscreen. Impressions When comparing the two …

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    • Happy 20th Anniversary 727!

      Murakami depends upon 727 blazing his trail, beside himself with joy. It's the 20th anniversary of 727, the 20th year since the character debuted in Murakami's quintessential painting in 1996. The piece currently resides in the MoMA San Francisco art collection, as a gift from David Teiger. Commemor…

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    • Welcome to the Murakami Print Archive

      For over a month a little link for the Murakami Takashi Print Archive remained hidden at the bottom of the Sugimoto68 homepage. Desperate to finish sooner, I constantly felt like Ambassador de Sadesky in Kubrick’s prescient masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Strangelove confronts Sadesky about …

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    • It’s the writing, not the copyright, right? Dating your Murakami

      A Murakami print problem that collectors do not normally perceive as a problem is the identification of the production date of a particular print. Naturally, the date of the print appears right on the print itself, right? Wrong. Major auction houses and all types of Murakami sellers often identify t…

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    • Takashi Murakami’s eponymous signature

      At some point a Murakami collector will start comparing prints and suddenly realize something strange––the signatures don’t match! Murakami’s signature evolves from a legible printed scrawl to the now ubiquitous opaque loops. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but what about Mura…

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    • What does the Murakami say? #2: Reading your Murakami Open Your Hands Wide (Versailles print) and I met a Panda family.

      So you've opened up your new Murakami to find a pleasant surprise, Japanese characters! The text adds a nice nuance to a Murakami print; however, there will come the day when someone admiring your print suddenly asks you what the writing means! You could just make something up, but now Sugimoto68 br…

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    • No Flower, No Cry – The Murakami weeping flower prints

      In 2005 as I happily examined my Murakami Skulls Rock print, I noticed an interesting detail. In contrast to the ubiquitous, blissfully happy Murakami flowers, there appeared a crying flower! Apparently a great novelty at the time, but over the years the weeping flower has appeared again and again i…

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    • ‘Takashi Murakami Prints’ vs ‘I Love Prints and So I Make Them’: What’s the difference?

      What is red and pink and green and yellow and gold (leaf) and platinum and has ears and eyes and teeth all over? Why, the Murakami print collection, of course! Murakami has a big reputation for unleashing and moving multi-million dollar art pieces; however, he has always maintained a soft spot for p…

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    • What does the Murakami say? #1: Reading your Murakami Poka Poka Warm and Sunny!

      Murakami rose to fame on the coattails of Japan pop culture, but we also know that he developed his artistic roots through the study of Nihonga 日本画 or Japanese traditional aesthetic painting. His earliest prints such as the Hokusai inspired Manji Fuji 卍富士 (2001) (pictured above) incorpor…

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    • You’re buying the wrong Murakami!! The unofficial guide to Gunjo & Lapis Lazuli

      A few collectors may have missed the September 2014 Hidari Zingaro notice about the Gunjo and Lapis Lazuli Dobs. (Find the notice here and find the original sale here.) While the consequences are not as severe as a going the wrong way in a John Hughes screwball comedy, a surprised collector may rece…

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    • Authenticating Your Murakami

      Now Murakami COAs are popping up all over! I just discovered that the MOCA, of all places, includes a Kaikai Kiki COA with your Murakami print. Contradicting the claim in 'What they don't tell you about COAs', a COA for a Murakami offset print does exist––at least from the MOCA. In any event, pr…

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