• Authenticating Your Murakami

    Now Murakami COAs are popping up all over! I just discovered that the MOCA, of all places, includes a Kaikai Kiki COA with your Murakami print. Contradicting the claim in ‘What they don’t tell you about COAs’, a COA for a Murakami offset print does exist––at least from the MOCA. In any event, prints purchased […]

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  • What they don’t tell you about COAs

    One of the most common questions buyers ask about a Murakami is, “Do you have a COA?” For the uninitiated, COA means, “Certificate of Authenticity”. A proper COA can potentially help authenticate a piece of art, especially an original, one-of-a-kind piece; however, most COAs do not meaningfully provide evidence for authenticity. Understandably, many buyers want […]

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