Where’s Mau Mau? Beejoir (Be sure) to meet him at Stall Baggage, Tokyo!

Souled Out Studios, a purveyor of fine graffiti editions, gave Tokyoites the pleasure of an exhibition experience featuring Mau Mau and Beejoir last night. Interesting people, colorful canvases, shiny pigs, and the live DJing of Sarasa Silverboombox contributed to the jubilant, yet easy atmosphere.



I had lovely chats with both Beejoir and Mau Mau, and they are just like you’d expect, a couple of nice lads from the UK with the sole mission of spreading a trail of mad, sick, exciting work throughout the globe––from Thailand, to Jamaica, to Tokyo, to Devonshire. Beejoir briefly chatted about the wonders of producing brass pigs and his art process––a mixture of spontaneous conception and ridiculous amounts of work. Mau Mau and I chatted at random, and I couldn’t help but express my enthusiasm for High Times Fox. Mau Mau looks laid back in photos, but he is even more easygoing in real life!

It was also a rare opportunity to catch up with the elusive Seigo, who for the last decade has been transvading* the Tokyo art world by hosting notable artisans including Dolk, Dface, Whatson, (and perhaps imminently that guy who makes all the red propaganda swag).








Mau Mau and Beejoir’s Tokyo tour will start at Stall Baggage in
Meguro-ku, December 12 to 13 (event information on Mau Mau’s Facebook) , followed by a live painting show and exhibition at CC4441 in Taito-ku. Check the links for more information.