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  • Everything you wanted to know about the Madsaki prints, but were afraid to ask

    The Madsaki Flowers silkscreen prints premiered with great fanfare at the 2017 ComplexCon in Los Angeles. In the follow-up to its initial release, Madsaki Flowers re-appeared in separate sales by Murakami’s official sponsor Gallery Perrotin, and at Murakami’s newly unveiled Tonari no Zingaro (‘Next to Zingaro’, Murakami’s pop-up shop next to Oz Zingaro). Now this […]

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  • It’s a Madsaki, Madsaki, Madsaki, World: Or How the Apprentice Elevated the Master of Superflat

    Maybe you know him from Barnstormers, or perhaps his Please Don’t Spit on the Painting Show at Widewalls; in any event, there’s not much more I can say about Madsaki that has not been written up in Juxtapoz; and similarly on Honeyee in Japanese here (except he admits to his passionate study of art in […]

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  • MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your Asses Over Here! (2017)

    Madsaki introduced snipe1 and UFO 907 to Japan with his curated show, MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your Asses Over Here! in late 2017. Murakami’s statement, Graffiti Zombies in TOKYO, provides a good primer and insight into his collaborative work with Madsaki. Enjoy images from MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your […]

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  • Images from MADSAKI’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (2017)

    Madsaki had his second Kaikai Kiki solo exhibit with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Roppongi. Madsaki’s inspiration comes from his wife, who appears in many of the images that pay tribute to the work of Nobuyoshi Araki. In the introduction to this show, Murakami describes his discovery of Madsaki’s work […]

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  • Images from MADSAKI’s Hickory Dickory Dock (2016)

    Madsaki had his premiere Kaikai Kiki solo exhibit with Hickory Dickory Dock at the Hidari Zingaro Gallery in Nakano Broadway. Murakami introduces Madsaki for the first time, recounting the discovery of Madsaki’s work on Instagram and desire to purchase Madsaki’s Wannabie’s Matisse work. Subsequently, positive viewers’ response to Madsaki’s piece as part of Murakami’s Yokohama […]

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  • The World of Mue Bon: from Thailand to Japan with <3

    I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone so passionate and articulate about art as Mue Bon. His show, System Error held at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo (from Oct 20 to Nov 4, 2017) and produced by Souled Out Studios, drew me into a world inhabited by earthbound fowl, monitor admen, dispassionate emojis […]

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  • Could Banksy have shifted the 2017 UK Snap General Election?

    It’s not often when art and politics converge as in the short lived Banksy UK Election Souvenir Special, which began on June 4th and abruptly ended on June 6th in a swell of anti-election-rigging furor. Banksy offered a free limited edition artwork for voters who sent photo evidence of not voting for the Conservative candidate […]

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  • Yet ANOTHER Dismaland Article – Banksy’s sideshow attraction; more utterly irrelevant lowlights you didn’t care to know about, but already knew

    Tokyo Dismaland

    Dismal?? Dismaland Dismal? Hardly. ‘Dismal’ concerns the dismal fact that every news outlet has shored up their miserable readership on the mere mention of ‘he who shall not be named’ while regurgitating picayune facts as if the target reader had a brain the size of a Raisinet. ‘Respected’ outlets including The Economist, The Guardian, Slate, […]

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  • Tags, live from Köln (Cologne)

    Street art resides even in the nooks and corners of the quaint German city Köln. On a single day jaunt I Spotted a number of interesting tags and aerosol creations. Near the 13th century wall and across from a couple of classic Brownstones you can find this mad sick house job and some other not too […]

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  • Where’s Mau Mau? Beejoir (Be sure) to meet him at Stall Baggage, Tokyo!

    Souled Out Studios, a purveyor of fine graffiti editions, gave Tokyoites the pleasure of an exhibition experience featuring Mau Mau and Beejoir last night. Interesting people, colorful canvases, shiny pigs, and the live DJing of Sarasa Silverboombox contributed to the jubilant, yet easy atmosphere. I had lovely chats with both Beejoir and Mau Mau, and […]

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