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Welcome to Sugimoto68, an online gallery primarily devoted to the collection of Murakami Takashi prints. We wish to help with the expansion of your Murakami collection in these ways:


Sugimoto68.com is managed by a longtime Murakami collector, so any questions about or discussions related to Murakami or Kaikai Kiki art are welcome. You can also visit the Sugimoto68 blog, which features discussions of Murakami art and other contemporary art related topics.


Sugimoto68 strives to provide professional and courteous service. Whether you wish to inquire about the art, negotiate a price, or purchase a print, you will always find a helpful response. When you complete a purchase, your order will usually ship WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS or less. Paypal with BUYER PROTECTION handles your secure payment. If you wish to find any prints by Murakami or other related artists, please ask, we may have it available in back stock or we may find it for you.


Sugimoto68 strives to provide a balance between competitive pricing and professional service. We offer flat rate shipping for any number of prints to help save cost. Pricing of prints on the site is transparent. A frustrating aspect of purchasing art is that many galleries (online and brick-and-mortar) require the potential collector to inquire about the price of a work–such an experience may be time consuming and frustrating. At Sugimoto68, we display the price of all works clearly, so you know exactly how much a piece costs.

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