Hey Dude, Where’s My Murakami?

When will Murakami’s New Day print arrive? No one knows!!

There has been a recent proliferation of the new 2013 Murakami prints on the internet. Just run a quick search on Ebay with the keywords “Murakami 2013” to find a variety of new prints, especially Dobs and Flower Balls.

The only issue is––when will these prints ship? No one knows, not even Ashton Kutcher, so before you snap up one of these bargains online somewhere, consider if Murakami will ship before your Ebay/Paypal/credit card protection time limit runs out. Here is a sample of scheduled versus actual release dates of the 2013 prints:


The chart shows the release or sales date of a print or set of prints, the scheduled versus actual ship dates and the number of days late. Some, but not all, of the prints appear in the illustrations.

The latest prints ever shipped by Murakami were the 2011 pastel dob prints which were slated to be shipped in October 2011, but actually shipped 240 days late in June of 2012!!

Even with the chart we can’t make an estimate of when a particular print will ship. The small Flower Balls (Algae and Dumpling) were among the last released, but they have already shipped–two weeks late!! Some prints such as And Then 3000 (Blue) and Me and the Mr. Dobs have not even shipped even 90 days after their scheduled ship dates!

I suppose with his busy schedule, Murakami can’t get all of the thousands of new prints signed in a timely fashion. Perhaps if we’re lucky, none of the prints will break the Pastel Dobs’ record, and all of the 2013 prints will arrive sometime by the middle of this year–but don’t count on it!