[2023.02.28] Mr Dob’s Cherry Blossom Viewing Cookies

2023.02.28 DOBくんのお花見クッキー缶

【Product Details】
1. Plain (DOB-kun, Mt.Fuji-chan, Kumo-kun)
2. Sakura (small cherry blossom cookie, cherry blossom petal cookie)★
3. Strawberry (small cherry blossom cookie, small flower cookie)
4. Raspberry (large flower cookie, small flower cookie)
5.Sakuraba (flower cookie size)★
6. Walnuts (flower cookie size) ▲
7. Blue coco (flower cookie size)★
8. Pumpkin (flower cookie size)
9. Green soybeans (flower cookie size)
10.Cheese (flower cookie size)★
11.Plain face & cocoa (large flower cookie)★
12. Whole wheat flour (flower cookie size)
13. Cocoa coconut (flower cookie size)★
14.Chocolate chips (flower cookie size)
15. Bamboo charcoal cocoa (large flower cookie)
16. Mini cookies (matcha, raspberry, plain)★

*Some cookies use specific raw materials (wheat, eggs, milk).
Please contact us for details of each raw material.
★ mark with almonds
▲ mark with walnuts
■ mark Contains soybeans

[Amount] 13,500 yen (tax included)
[Size] Length 20 cm x Width 15 cm x Height 5 cm
[Weight] 400g
[Best-by date] 3 weeks from manufacture

Tonari no Zingaro

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