[2022.12.09] Flower Christmas Cookies

2022.12.09 お花のクリスマスクッキー缶

【Product Details】
1. Plain (Kaikai, Kiki, Snow Dharma, Imperial Guard, Snowflake)
2. Green soybeans (holly leaf, flower cookie size)
3. Cinnamon (gingerbread men, large flower cookie)
4. Sweet potato (star/flower cookie size)★
5. Pumpkin (flower cookie size)
6. Bamboo charcoal cocoa (flower cookie size)
7. Purple sweet potato (flower cookie size)
8. Plain face & cocoa (large flower cookie)★
9.Chocolate chips (flower cookie size)
10. Walnut (large flower cookie) ▲
11. Whole wheat flour (flower cookie size)
12.Sakuraba (flower cookie size)★
13.Kinako (large flower cookie)■
14. Beets & Cinnamon (flower cookie small)
15. Blue Coco (small flower cookie)
16.Edamame Mini Cookie■

*Some cookies use specific raw materials (wheat, eggs, milk).
Please contact us for details of each raw material.
★ mark with almonds
▲ mark with walnuts
■ mark Contains soybeans

[Amount] 13,500 yen (tax included)
[Size] Length 20 cm x Width 15 cm x Height 5 cm
[Weight] 400g
[Best-by date] 3 weeks from manufacture

Tonari no Zingaro

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