What is a proxy?

You just found that perfect work of art for the perfect price––but wait! It’s in Japan and the site won’t process your credit card, and even if it did, that seller refuses to ship internationally….

No worries, the Sugimoto68 Japan Proxy service can help you when you need to buy something from Japan. Many Japanese web stores and sellers require either a Japanese address and/or a Japanese credit card. Additionally, the Japanese language barrier can be insurmountable for a non-Japanese user. For a nominal service fee plus expenses, Sugimoto68 will help you find and/or purchase that item you are looking for.

Why this proxy service?

The Sugimoto68 Japan Proxy will help you with any (legal) purchase in Japan; however it is especially geared towards the finding and acquisition of Murakami and other fine art prints. With many years of shipping art internationally, Sugimoto68 acts as a safe, secure agent for sourcing, purchasing and shipping fine art. For instance, most Japan proxy services will not handle oversized Murakami prints (described under ‘global shipping’). Even if they do, they are likely to ship it via a much more expensive service such as FedEx, which will charge more than double the shipping cost of Japan Post EMS. We can save you on shipping while ensuring the safe arrival of your art.


The fee system is straightforward. The buyer pays:
1) Cost of item
2) Expenses (shipping, transfer fees, etc.)
3) A service fee

Service fee
The service fee ranges from 10% to 50% depending on the item. Please inquire for more details.

How to use the Japan Proxy service

If you are looking for an item, please send a message via the contact page. You should specify the item you are looking for and your desired price range. If you have an item in Japan you wish to purchase, send a link to the item. We will contact you within 48 hours.

Please note: The proxy service is not available for purchases from Murakami’s Hidari or Oz Zingaro galleries.