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  • Murakami gets Frisky!

    Murakami is back as a new candy! Murakami again meddles in the peddle of confectionary with a 30th anniversary collaboration with Frisk! Murakami is no stranger to the candy business. He started in 2003 with the Superflat Museum team-up with Takara/Kaiyodo introducing his art miniatures with gum. More recently, he promoted his Jellyfish film with […]

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  • Murakami Takashi x Shu Uemura Celebrate Six Heart Princess Cosmetics Collaboration

    In anticipation of the November 11th release of Shu Uemura’s Christmas Collection, Six Heart Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu, Shibuya Hikarie held the first event in Japan heralding the launch of the new, limited edition cosmetics collection. Shu Uemura staged a fashion make-up show and Murakami Takashi shared his thoughts with the audience. The […]

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