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  • It’s a Madsaki, Madsaki, Madsaki, World: Or How the Apprentice Elevated the Master of Superflat

    Maybe you know him from Barnstormers, or perhaps his Please Don’t Spit on the Painting Show at Widewalls; in any event, there’s not much more I can say about Madsaki that has not been written up in Juxtapoz; and similarly on Honeyee in Japanese here (except he admits to his passionate study of art in […]

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  • MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your Asses Over Here! (2017)

    Madsaki introduced snipe1 and UFO 907 to Japan with his curated show, MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your Asses Over Here! in late 2017. Murakami’s statement, Graffiti Zombies in TOKYO, provides a good primer and insight into his collaborative work with Madsaki. Enjoy images from MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your […]

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  • Images from MADSAKI’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (2017)

    Madsaki had his second Kaikai Kiki solo exhibit with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Roppongi. Madsaki’s inspiration comes from his wife, who appears in many of the images that pay tribute to the work of Nobuyoshi Araki. In the introduction to this show, Murakami describes his discovery of Madsaki’s work […]

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  • Images from MADSAKI’s Hickory Dickory Dock (2016)

    Madsaki had his premiere Kaikai Kiki solo exhibit with Hickory Dickory Dock at the Hidari Zingaro Gallery in Nakano Broadway. Murakami introduces Madsaki for the first time, recounting the discovery of Madsaki’s work on Instagram and desire to purchase Madsaki’s Wannabie’s Matisse work. Subsequently, positive viewers’ response to Madsaki’s piece as part of Murakami’s Yokohama […]

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  • Welcome to the Murakami Print Archive

    For over a month a little link for the Murakami Takashi Print Archive remained hidden at the bottom of the Sugimoto68 homepage. Desperate to finish sooner, I constantly felt like Ambassador de Sadesky in Kubrick’s prescient masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Strangelove confronts Sadesky about withholding the critical information necessary to make Russia’s nuclear deterrent work: […]

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  • You’re buying the wrong Murakami!! The unofficial guide to Gunjo & Lapis Lazuli

    A few collectors may have missed the September 2014 Hidari Zingaro notice about the Gunjo and Lapis Lazuli Dobs. (Find the notice here and find the original sale here.) While the consequences are not as severe as a going the wrong way in a John Hughes screwball comedy, a surprised collector may receive a print […]

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  • Half Price Murakami!

    Sugimoto68 will finally feature a Murakami sale–buy one, get one for 50% off! This sale marks a gradual revamp of the site, which will feature more articles and an inventory expansion to include work from a variety of contemporary artists such as Mau Mau, Shepard Fairey and a few others. Also I’ll be digging up […]

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  • Authenticating Your Murakami

    Now Murakami COAs are popping up all over! I just discovered that the MOCA, of all places, includes a Kaikai Kiki COA with your Murakami print. Contradicting the claim in ‘What they don’t tell you about COAs’, a COA for a Murakami offset print does exist––at least from the MOCA. In any event, prints purchased […]

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  • Hey Dude, Where’s My Murakami?

    When will Murakami’s New Day print arrive? No one knows!! There has been a recent proliferation of the new 2013 Murakami prints on the internet. Just run a quick search on Ebay with the keywords “Murakami 2013” to find a variety of new prints, especially Dobs and Flower Balls. The only issue is––when will these […]

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